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"My problems with Tribler 5.5.24"

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  • 2.0
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Have been relatively happy with Tribler over the last 2 months but there was a problem with more download GB collecting than actual. I had been +21 GB but over a week it eroded away to only +2GB. Then it really went nuts. It was D 147GB and U 145GB after the next 2 GB of downloading it had soared to D 190 GB and U 147 GB. I suspect something fishy and will uninstall ($$$#0#$$$) at the end of my last download.

  • Great idea
  • often goes unresponsive
  • flawed record keeping
  • has to be reset at the start of every download
  • Once you have done something on Tribler, the next step usually requires a restart of the program

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23 Apr 2012

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